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Mountain Fitness has a variety of options to guide you along the path to becoming healthier and more fit. Scroll through the options and decide which option or options best fit you and your lifestyle. All Personal Training options come with training programs specifically designed for you and your goals, constant trainer contact, and motivational help. Join us in becoming Mountain Fit!


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Mountain Fitness Personal Training offers locals the chance to train at Southpaw Studio or in your own home under the leadership of a professional Personal Trainer. Southpaw Studio is a professional private one-on-one training studio. At Southpaw Studio you will have access to everything you need for fitness and health success. For the In-Home Training we provide the equipment needed for the sessions and are fully insured to train you at your residence. A free consultation is included so that your program can be specifically tailored for you before the first session. If you are a Front Range Colorado local, these options can't be beat for price and success. Book a session today and start training with a pro! 

Southpaw Studio Pricing:  

1 Hour Session: $45-$65

1/2 Hour Session: $25-$35                     Contact me for In-Home Pricing

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Struggling to meet your goals even though you are putting in time at the gym? With a professional fitness program designed specifically for you and your goals, you can take your results to new heights. Get on the right track with a program you can do on your own time with the equipment you have available by joining our Online Training Program. Quit guessing on how to get fit and let a professional guide you with a great training program. SPECIAL! 12 WEEKS FOR ONLY $99



Not a Colorado local but need the accountability of a face-to-face personal trainer? Our Skype Personal Training allows you to have one-on-one personal training sessions with a professional from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a space to workout. We will run you through a personally designed workout face-to-face over Skype. This is a great option for everyone, anywhere!

1 Hour Session: $35-$50


Calling all Colorado locals who are looking for a unique, challenging, and fun way to get in the best shape of your life! With our Mountain Fit Training program we take the workouts up into the beautiful, rugged Rocky Mountains. This small group training option incorporates the challenging terrain and elevation of the mountains with intervals, resistance bands, and bodyweight exercises to deliver an unparralleled workout. Always fresh, always challenging, let the mountains help you become Mountain Fit! Contact me for Pricing

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Small Group Training is a great option for Colorado locals and people everywhere using Skype. Fitness is more fun with others so get a group together and have fun getting fit! Or, inquire about being added to a current or upcoming group. Group Training is fun, cost efficient, and a great way to meet others on a fitness journey. Group Training is done at Southpaw Studio and outdoors.

Southpaw Studio Group Pricing (1 Hour Sessions):  

2 People: $60-$80

3 People: $90-$120                                   Contact me for Outdoor Pricing

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