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Take a moment to read some of the great things that clients have to say about Mountain Fitness! 

"I met Brad this past summer while traveling in the mountains of Colorado. Being 60 years old and from Maine I was a bit out of shape for much hiking and other activities. We talked about what was important to me in the way of fitness. I told him that I was going to winter in Florida for the first time and wanted to play a lot of golf and softball. Perfect he said! Brad wrote me 2 workout programs and worked with me until I was performing them correctly. I continued the workouts for the next 3 months. Later, that fall I passed back through Fort Collins and checked back in with Brad. My weight had dropped by 8 lbs, my muscle tone increased to a level of a 45 year old. We played a round of golf together, this time me giving the tips. I play softball 2 times per week in Division 1 and golf 3 times a week. My hitting has improved where I am hitting the ball farther and even over the fence. My golf drive is longer as well, although no exercising can help a short game. Thank you Brad for getting this 60 year old back in the game!"

-Gary, Windham, ME

“Brad is encouraging, motivating, and always eager to share his knowledge when answering all of my important health and fitness questions. He has an energizing training style that is proven to get the best out of you.”​
-Patti, Fort Collins, CO

“Brad's passion for fitness and health shines through every day that we meet together. You can see the vested interest that he takes in the success of his clients.”​
-Angie, Fort Collins, CO

"He has opened my eyes to a healthy lifestyle that I will never go back from. His training style and motivation are radiating and almost make you forget about how hard you are working. I highly reccomend his training style and programs."

-Michelle, Loveland, CO

"Before hiring Brad and Mountain Fitness I really had no motivation to workout. He made exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle fun and attainable. Brad makes the training sessions enjoyable while getting you great results."

-Bryant, Fort Collins, CO

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