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Brad Downs, CPT, FNS, SFS


Mountain Fitness was created by American Council on Exercise certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Senior Nutrition Specialist Brad Downs to give people the opportunity to meet all of their health and fitness goals. A Colorado resident, Brad wanted to inspire people in the community to get fit and take control of their health. An avid skier, mountain biker, and recreational athlete, Brad lives what he preaches so his body can be the best that it can be while doing what he loves. His passion for fitness and health started at a young age as he was raised in a family that is very active in athletics. His days as an amateur athlete spawned a desire to learn more about the body and how to be quicker, faster, and stronger. Deciding that a future in fitness and health could combine his love of athletics and a career, he decided to get certified as a Personal Trainer. He also became certified as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist in order to be able to better help his clients and the community in the areas of health and nutrition. Brad continues to gain certifications through his continuing education, recently becoming a Senior Fitness Specialist. His drive to continue his fitness education fuels him as he continues to learn more each day and pass on his knowledge to his clients. Brad knows from firsthand experience how a properly trained body and mind can push your goals and results higher than ever imagined. Brad has experience working with a vastly diverse client base, from youth athletes wanting to improve their performance up to seniors who want to live a long, active, healthy life. Brad will help you live the life that you have imagined by helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. 




Mountain Fitness Personal Training is a great way to get one-on-one training with a fitness professional to meet your goals. Train at Southpaw Studio for a great experience at a professional private one-on-one training studio with everything you need for success. Try In-Home and Skype training options that give you the freedom to train in the comfort of your own home. All equipment is provided for In-Home training and scheduled at your convenience. Skype training takes the equipment and space available to you and gives you a face-to-face training session online. All of the options will help you meet your goals with a program designed and implemented specifically for you and your goals. Schedule a session today!



Mountain Fitness Online Training gives you the ability to have a professional fitness program tailored specifically to you that you can do on your own time. Whether you want to workout at the gym, at home, outdoors, or anywhere in the world, this Online Training program is for you. No matter where you reside or train, this training option will help you reach your goals while training on your own schedule. Just follow the program built for you and your goals and you will find yourself achieving results that you never thought possible!



Mountain Fitness Mountain Training is a unique approach to getting fit and healthy. Using the naturally beautiful landscape of the Rocky Mountains, Mountain training takes you into nature for a great interval and circuit workout at altitude. Join others in a small group setting to hike up challenging trails with stops to perform exercises and circuits to challenge even the most fit. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes are sure to include everyone in this great way to get in shape in a natural setting. The mountains are calling! Are you ready to get Mountain Fit?

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